Sunday, May 25, 2014

Splash pad

I had never even heard of or seen a splash pad until I moved to Texas. Wonder of wonders, this fountain of spouting water draws children like nothing I've ever seen, as well as the parents eating Doritos who sit on benches around the area ignoring their kids while they run wild (until someone wipes out and bawls). And there I am, HoverMom, the one adult who dresses to get wet and goes in with my little people... 
Mom picked us up and we headed there on Saturday in high hopes of having a good time while Nate was out of town visiting his Nannie. Only problem? The weather wasn't quite hot enough. This is the only time you will ever hear me say that. Ever. But poor Milo needs to be nice and hot before he hops into that frigid water. He ran around for about 2 minutes, and then realized that it was overcast and there were tons of older kids playing roughly. That was enough for my little antisocial butterfly (he is his daddy's son...). He spent the rest of the 30 minutes we were actually there talking about how cold he was and/or being wrapped in a towel.
Lucy was really brave the last time we went and loved the tiny spouts of water. This time, a little ten-year old kid took a shine to her and wanted to play... and promptly dumped handfuls of water over her head before I could say anything. What kid does that to a stranger's baby? My poor sweet Lu was sputtering and crying as water and sunscreen streamed down her face and into her eyes. Needless to say, all my kindness went straight out the window and I told that kid to stay away from my baby (in hindsight, I probably should have went easier on him, but he repaid me by soaking me with his giant squirt tube a little later - grrrrrrr). Lucy spent the rest of the time giving him the stankeye. I kid you not, the girl can stare down anyone. But she wasn't interested in the water anymore, either, so thanks a lot, uncouth youth. It was just one of those days. But the pictures are cute!


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