Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Milo's First Gymnastics Class

My sweet Milo is either going to be a breakdancer or a tumbler. He has moves down that I could never even imitate. And since we have no breakdancing lessons anywhere in Lufkin (Or do we? Is there even such a thing or are breakdancers too cool for all that?), I put Milo into the gymnastics class at the city. For a mere thirty dollars, Milo can run around twice a week and test out the waters. Today was his first lesson, and he definitely had a blast. It will be Milo, his cousin Kaylee, and one other little rambunctious boy, which equals lots of spunk and fun. Good luck to the teacher!

Milo is usually fairly cautious, thinking things through and hesitating to take action if he's not sure how things will go down. But today, he hit the gym running and tried absolutely everything his teacher asked him to. That is, when she could get him to slow down!

Before class picture. It's blurry because he was so excited he couldn't stop wiggling.

Stretching... And he's actually quite flexible!

Balance beam. Definitely not his favorite, but in hindsight he decided it was not hard at all.

Bars - Milo's favorite. He declared, "I'm a monkey! Everybody's a monkey!"

Loved the rings.

Building muscle with a smile on his face.
I should include all the pictures of his teacher trying to wrestle him over the vault. He's just not big enough to get much bounce off the springboard.

Here's how Lucy felt about the whole thing. Just kidding - both classes managed to be during Lucy's naptimes, so she'll be a little sleepy these days. But she still almost dived out of my arms to try it out herself. Soon, little lady!

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