Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy anniversary!

Well, happy anniversary to me and Nate, a day late! That's right, yesterday was our nine-year anniversary, and we celebrated by taking Pegs to the emergency room. Say what? Yes, we tried really hard to have an anniversary date. We left the little people with Pegs and headed out to dinner and a movie. And we were having a smashing time for about thirty minutes when we got a phone call - Pegs had fallen in our kitchen and hurt herself.

There was no option but to rush home and make sure that both she and our little people were okay. Poor Mom. I thought for sure that her shoulder was dislocated the way she was holding her arm. She couldn't get Lucy out of the high chair because the arm was unusable, so it was a good thing we headed straight there. And Milo was calmly sitting at the table, having already prayed for Nonnie and finishing his dinner. Sweet Milo. When Pegs remarked that she just didn't have the money for an injury (because, who does?) Milo said, "Nonnie, I have money in my piggy bank. Do you want some of my money?" Sweet sweet sweet boy.

Anyway, Nate quickly packed up his mom and headed to the emergency room (well, I say quickly... he did eat his food that we'd gotten to go first), and I was left with my little people. I spent the anniversary evening with them. Nate spent the evening in the ER. Poor Pegs broke her humerus and is in a sling. And I am finding myself disappointed, cranky, and worried about her this morning. So, happy happy anniversary to me and Nate.

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