Thursday, February 7, 2013

The big boy bed (and the end Mommy's naptimes)

Remember not too long ago when I told you my child still sleeps in his crib? Well, funny me, that day was the last day he ever slept in that crib...
Ever get an idea that seems remarkably good and really just goes horribly awry? Hmmmm. For reasons I will not share (other than a melted plastic pee sheet for the crib that led us to say, "Let's just buy one for the big boy bed and move Milo over - won't that be FUN?"), Nate and I decided the very same day I posted those cutie little crib pics to move Milo to his big boy bed. After all, we had already purchased it. He was going to have to move there at some point before Lucy came. Bedtime has been hard lately, but not just God-awful. So we did it. We plunged in headfirst to the world of big boy beds and I've been kicking myself ever since.
Look how cute this child is. He is absolutely tiny in this giant bed, and he loves it so much. It's like a place to play and hang out and swing from the curtains and roll all over the place. Do you notice any vital verb missing in the above sentence? You know, what normally gets associated with a bed? Oh that's right... sleep. Because apparently this awesome big boy bed that is decked out with Cars sheets and blanket is the absolute last place Milo is interested in going to sleep. Let's just say we've been a little short on rest in the Jackson home as of late... Everyone keeps telling me that it gets better. Surely Milo will take fewer than two hours to go to sleep at night at some point, right? Surely he will take a stinking nap so that my selfish pregnant self can take one, too, right? At some point, Nate and I will make it through a bedtime without wanting to cuss, right?
But golly, this kid is cute.
This might be the only time he's ever laid down under his blanket and been still for half a second.
Did I mention Milo LOVES this new bed?
This is so you can get a sense of what he's doing in here while he's NOT sleeping.

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