Thursday, September 20, 2012

Petting zoos and pony rides

We took Milo to the Forest Festival last night, and I think we made the entire month of September for him. He frolicked through the petting zoo, rode a high-speed carousel (I wasn't sure I'd make it a step without falling down afterward), and to top it all off, took a pony ride, from which he emerged saying, "hawse" like a true southern gentleman. He was so serious, taking it all in, and Nate mentioned how proud his dad would be of how Milo just rode that horse like a pro. Yay, Forest Festival!


  1. well I nearly cried watching all teary eyed...what an amazing little boy which I get to call my grandson....and yes his grandpa would be proud of him...sad he doesnt come and be part of his life...

  2. Well, I'm not even his Nonnie, and *I* almost cried watching that!! I was so happy to see them so happy! Nate's smile was so big the entire time, and I could see the joy and pride in his face of having the world's most perfect little boy! Milo's precious wave didn't help much either!