Friday, September 21, 2012

Heart full of mush

So I was just thinking today about how spoiled rotten I am with my two boys. Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental since I tried to read Love You Forever to Milo (We got three pages into it before I was crying so hard we had to stop. What sadist even offers this book as an option to read to your children? I'm setting it aside to read to myself the next time I need a good cry.) Anyway, just thought I'd tell you a few things I'm especially grateful for today.

Things I love about Milo:
1. He's been thinking so much about his pony ride that he tells just about anyone he sees, "Hawse." Nothing else. Just "hawse."
2. He calls Bella "Blehhh," sticking his tongue out while he does it.
3. He says words  like "llama" on the first try, but won't say simple things like "cat" or "dog." Guess he just likes a challenge?
4. At night, he prays for Yahweh to "hep" everyone (and thing) he can think of before he goes to sleep. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on the list. He's very thorough.
5. He wants to be just like his daddy these days, imitating the little things he does and says like clockwork, including the hocking a loogie sound during toothbrushing, making buffalo horns on his head with his fingers, and the way he laughs and slaps the table.

Things I love about Nate:
1. He tickles Milo until I'm sure he pees, and he gets a laugh out of him that nobody else can seem to.
2. He spends time talking to me before he does anything else when he gets home every day, and tickles me until I almost pee...
3. He makes me laugh non-stop, and says ridiculous things like, "You got jokes, shinypants?"
4. He hates to spank Milo. He does it, but he hates to. He'd always rather show mercy, and I love that so much.
5. He is the number one most incredible husband and daddy on the planet.

So there. A big fat bunch of moosh to welcome in the weekend. And a little video to go with it. Milo making the buffalo horns as he looks at a buffalo... I didn't even have to add music this time, as the soundtrack from the pot-belly pig races in the background is exciting enough (I kid you not). Enjoy!

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