Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A haircut and a montage

Somebody in our house got a haircut, and went from looking like this...
to this...
In a matter of minutes, Nate gave Milo the cutest little haircut, and boy was Milo impressed with himself.
And now, a few other shots from the last few days of Milo cuteness.

Milo LOVES corn on the cob.
Little boys in suspenders. Does it get any cuter?
The good thing about Milo's haircut - when he's feeling a little cranky, I can give him a faux hawk and we both feel better.

Yesterday Milo set himself up a little drum kit and spent some time drumming on both of these. I was glad when he decided to make the softer drum a seat instead of banging on its nicely stretched surface.


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