Monday, September 24, 2012

Lasagna = love

Ever realize how spoiled you are? Yeah, I'm there today. Yesterday my mom brought Milo and I half a pan of lasagna. We ate it for dinner... And then I ate it at midnight when I was wide awake (never, never, never drink a cup of coffee after noon)... And then we finished it all off at lunch today. Milo ate half of a piece, then asked me for more, and cried when I put it in the microwave because he wasn't getting it fast enough. Then he ate the rest of a giant piece and half of mine. We are some carb-loving people around here, and if you've never tasted my mom's lasagna, you are sadly missing out. I'd rather eat it than ice cream, and that is some serious business.

Lasagna aftermath

You know that feeling you get when you've eaten a little too much and just want to go to sleep?
And then there's the fact that I spend my days with these two. It really doesn't get any better.
Have you ever seen such a cute pair?
Just in case you forgot what a little BOY Milo is.

A sweet little boy, though...

And here's an innocent face to end it.

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