Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dictionary of Milo

Chances are, if you stop by our house, Milo will have something very important to tell you. He's got a lot of words down pat - cookies, Mommy, Daddy, horse, and some tricky animals (baboon, hyena, hippo, ostrich, etc.). Here's a snippet of what else you might hear (spelled phonetically, of course).

Ahboo - open
Ah doo - all done; usually accompanied by some form of sign language
Ah ga - all gone
Ahmoo - amen; drawn out longer depending on the level of excitement about what is being prayed   over
Boo - used to refer to anything blue
Booboobooees - blueberries, possibly Milo's favorite fruit
Cuck - truck; Milo loves any kind of truck, but mostly the garbage truck - our trash collector must feel like a celebrity now that we come out every week to wave at her and watch (and smell) the truck go up and down the street.
Gagoo - thank you (usually shyly whispered)
Han - banana; not sure how this morphed from the more understandable "nanas" that he used to say
Shoot - fruit
Soesaur - dinosaur
Tahchee - cheetah (I personally think it's adorable that he says it backwards, though I don't fully understand.)
Teeeeeezzzzzzzzzz - please
Zoozees - Bruiser (one of our dogs); he still refuses to say Bella, which I think would be easier

So there you go! As long as you can make some convincing animal sounds and are familiar with these few words, you'll be fluent in Milo. Make sure you wear a hat, or Milo will make you wear one of his.

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