Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Your mom

Nate and I try to keep a reign on our tongues, especially around our little people. One thing we can't resist, though, is the occasional "your mom" joke. I should have known Milo had been paying attention...

Fast forward to dinner two nights ago, and we were having a conversation about melons.

Lucy:  "Mommy, why is it called a watermelon?"

Me:   "Well, I guess because it's a watery melon."

Milo:  "What about cantaloupes?"

Me:   "Um, yes. They are also watery melons. All of those melons are. You know, the fleshy melons."

Milo:  "Your mom's a fleshy melon!"

I tried so hard not to laugh. Nate didn't even bother, and we all had to have a good belly laugh about that one. And then a conversation about how we don't make "your mom" jokes in front of anybody else. Ever.

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