Thursday, May 19, 2016

Conversations with Little People

Milo and I were snuggling it up during an afternoon storm today, and he spent a lot of time just quiet (which never happens). Finally he told me thoughtfully, "Mommy, I really like to pray at night, when you go out and my stars are on and it's dark. Or at my feet off the floor time, when I'm just by myself. I like to pray and talk to Yahweh."

My heart instantly melted at the thought of him just chatting it up with God during these times (because, believe me, the child is always chatting it up at bedtime), and then he got even more pensive.

"I think I'm going to ask Him if we can have a new baby. A boy or a girl, whatever He thinks is best."

I kissed him and sent him on his way, and I have no idea whether he ever had that conversation, but it was all so heart-warming.

And then, my precious Lucy Jane. I have been frantically working on a secret anniversary gift for Nate every day while he's at work. It's been about two weeks, and neither of my little people have said a word, so I thought we were in the clear because our anniversary is tomorrow.

I stashed away the socks I was knitting for Nate as he pulled into the driveway after work, thinking it would all work out. And then Lucy, my wonderful, excited Lucy, joyfully reported to Nate, "Don't worry, Daddy, we hid your socks!"

Surprise OFF. But with the sweetest intentions. Nate did something really similar when he was a little guy. His mom had packed the three boys up to get pictures taken for a surprise for their dad. After discussing all the way home how they couldn't say a word, sweet, excited Nate ran in and told his dad immediately. Again, surprise off. But with the sweetest intentions. Good to know you can pass things like that down, right?

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