Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where babies come from, according to Lucy Jane

Lucy, oh Lucy. I blog about her so much because I really have to work things out in my mind. And I figured something out about this tiny sprout of mine. She doesn't care about how things work, like Milo always has. I can't use logic or reason when she's passionately upset. And if it doesn't involve babies, she doesn't want anything to do with it (so, someday she may learn her abc's, but it's looking sketchy right now).

But what she does care about is how people work, and, more specifically, how relationships work. I can't tell you how many times a day we talk about who is allowed to kiss on the lips (mommies and daddies only, and only with each other). And I can't tell you how many times a day we talk about God, and what His relationship is to us, and where He is and what He does and why we can't see Him.

For example, the other day, Lucy and I were talking about our family as I got her ready for nap.
Lucy: "Mommy, you're funny."
Me:    "Thanks, Lucy, so are you!"
Lucy: "Daddy is funny. And ooooh, Milo is so funny! We are all funny! But Yahweh isn't funny..."
Me:     "Well, I don't know about that, Lulu. He made us funny. It seems like he might be funny, too.                Have you ever asked Him?"
Lucy:  (eyes closed) "Yahweh, are you funny?" pause... pause... pause... (eyes fly open) "YES!"

Imagine how thrilled Lucy was when I told her that God makes babies, and that He loves them even more than she does. She literally thinks about it all the time, as evidenced by her comments the other day to Tree when she stopped over.

Lucy: "We can't see Yahweh..." (leans in and whispers) "...but we know He makes the babies!"

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