Friday, February 12, 2016


Last Friday, Milo woke up with a cough. I felt congested and exhausted, but it was my cleaning and prep day, so I just sucked it up and moved on.

Saturday morning I woke up SICK. Just plain yucky sick. And Milo was no better. Now, a full week later, I am finally feeling a little better (although I am still congested and coughing). Milo is coughing, but on the mend. Nate and Lucy are sick (although Lucy is still like sunshine - just super naughty, peeing in the pants sunshine). I'm just opening the windows every chance I get and hoping the wind will blow some of the sick out the back door.

What in the world? We usually stay really healthy, even when there are flu epidemics going around, so this one has me baffled. I wish there were an easy solution. For now, you'll find the Jacksons laying around the house exhausted. Oh wait, and I'll be bustling about with the giant list of things I've neglected all week. But you know me...

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