Wednesday, December 24, 2014

These delightful little people

It's no secret that I'm constantly delighted with my little people. So it should come as no surprise to you that Lucy has decided she loves walruses, and it's completely adorable to me. Want to hear her say it?

I know, I know. Cutest thing ever, right?

And then there's Milo. I'm pretty sure he's well on his way to being a genius. Take our conversation yesterday...

"Here you go, Milo. How many crackers did I give you?"

"You gave me three, Mommy, and I really wanted four."

"Okay, well how many more do you need to make four?"

"Just one."

I gave him the cracker, and remarked, "So now you know that three plus one equals four, right?"

Without missing a beat he replied, "Well, that is true, Mommy, but two plus two ALSO equals four."

Here's my little smarty with his latest creation. For the record, Nate did help.

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