Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Milo's birthday recap

Milo's birthday was fantastic. I'm going to give you a quick recap. Yes, we got Milo a Jeep. A tiny Jeep. Hopefully he's not expecting anything similar on his 16th birthday. Oh my word, I can't even think about him being that old, so let's move on. It's a two-seater, which means it's practically a gift for both of these little people. Look at Lucy's face - she knows it.

Milo drives, Lucy works the radio. It's a good trade-off.

Look at these sweet faces!

Milo's breakfast request - donuts and bagels with cream cheese. 
 We took the Jeep over to the Foys' house because Ezra and Eliora both have their own vehicles (Milo's word, thank you). Ethan organized a race for the kids, and Lucy was happy to ride along with Eliora. In a race situation, I felt best about this because Eliora's car has doors. Enough said.
Waiting for Ezra... Ethan decided to jump on his tractor.

AHA! Ezra made it out and the kids were ready for action.
After the kids drove around in the cold for a while, we all headed inside for pizza. After lunch, we went home for Lucy's nap... Then Milo headed to gymnastics with such joy in his heart that he spent the first few minutes of class winking at his (very pretty) teacher. She was, of course, delighted, and he had a fantastic class.

We had a little "come and go cupcakes" party for Milo that evening. A lot of his favorite people got to stop by (just missing a few...) for his request - a cake covered in fruit. That's how you know he's exactly like Nate, because I personally feel that adding fruit negates it from being considered a dessert. 

Why yes, I did spell Milo's name in blueberries, and I was indeed very proud of myself.

Two of Milo's favorite ladies.

SUCH A BIG BOY!!! And so ridiculously handsome.
Pre-party family picture.
So Milo had a fantastic day. He's four. I made it the whole day without weeping openly, so we're doing pretty well. 

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