Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The trouble with the mop head

It's inevitable that as soon as you throw your mop head in the washing machine, at least three disastrous messes are going to occur. At least two of them will be the fault of your darling child, and the last one is a wild card. One will more than likely involve pee-pee, especially if you have recently been potty training.

By the third mess, when you're cleaning up strawberry slushy from your garage floor with a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle because you're terrified that ants will be tempted in by the sticky pool of goodness, listening to said darling child wailing at the top of his lungs, "My SLUSHY!!!" and reminding him that if he had just obeyed you in the first place he never would have dropped the slushy, you will find yourself holding back all the curse words in your heart and take a deep breath.

You will remind yourself that you have been praying for your darling child to learn obedience. Sometimes learning it requires hard lessons, and whether you think you should be left out of those or not, you will undoubtedly be a part because the two of you are woven together. You will acknowledge the fact that your child is three (or however old yours is) and extremely emotional because it's far past everybody's naptime. You will salvage what you can of the slushy from the destroyed cup (all one-handed, because you're holding your 9-month old...), kiss your sweet child, and tell him that you're sorry some lessons hurt learning.

And you will silently swear to never wash that mop head again.

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