Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday blues (both literal and metaphorical)

What is it about Mondays that makes them just innately yucky? I used to think it was because, after the bliss of the weekend, I had to head back to work. And now that I'm a mommy and don't get the weekends off, I realize that the Monday feeling isn't mutually exclusive to workweeks. I can't explain it, but my little people woke up with screams on their lips and naughtiness on their brains...

You'd never guess it from this picture, right? I figured out the secret to helping us all out at this moment in time - getting outside in the sunshine for a bit. It stops the Lucy screams, focuses some of Milo's endless energy (bike riding has changed our lives), and lets me just breathe for a few minutes. So, horrid Texas summer, I need you to hold off for another little while and let us have our pleasant sunshiny walks. Hope your Monday is full of smiles!

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