Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lucy's Nursery

Well, we are finally finished with Lucy's nursery. Although, it's sometimes hard to let go and say, "Okay, we're done working on things. Nothing else." I mean, we just traded out some wall art in Milo's room the other day, so I'm sure both kids will always have a bit of a work in progress. But for right now, with Lucy's due date on Monday, we're going to be finished for now. And here are the pictures to prove it!
The crib wall. It's everything we wanted. Remember when we did these yarn letters a few months ago?

Of course, the fabulous dresser/changing table, which I've already bragged about. Plus the gorgeous bow-holder and open frame on the wall (which Milo has already mentioned makes him like Lucy's room better than his - because she has a place for her sunglasses).

The wall across from the crib wall, with a little bit of this and that. Milo keeps trying to ride this bike, by the way...

The perfect little corner for rocking, including the softest blanket I've ever felt, knit for Lucy by my mom.

Homemade chandelier - a joint project between Nate and I that turned out so perfectly I can't believe it. This hangs over the glider.

The view from the door. Cozy, peaceful, and everything we had pictured.
So there you go! Now all we're missing is a baby in that bed. Come on Lucy, we can't wait to meet you!

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