Monday, June 3, 2013

Before and After

Hi! It's June! Believe it or not, the month of my birth is here, and the month of (hopefully) Lucy's birth as well. When did this happen? It's felt like the longest pregnancy of my life, but here we are rapidly approaching (due date is two weeks from today).

Anyway, thought I'd show you a fun before and after of Lucy's dresser. Nate and I had been going back and forth on painting furniture for her room, and when we got this dresser from Nate's mom (THANK YOU!!!), we decided we had to take the plunge. I had fallen in love with another yellow painted dresser on Pinterest, so even though I had been the hesitant one, I couldn't resist. Lucky for me, I have the most amazingly talented husband in the world who makes all my project dreams come true!

Definitely not a bad dresser to begin with, right? Nate scuffed it up a bit and took off the maple leaf piece in the center of the top drawer.
But NOW check it out - painted the same color as the yellow stripes on the wall.

We had an excellent time picking out new drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby (50% off to boot).
And here it is against the wall, without any sort of styling (pictures of that to come...)
I also have to show you a little something I worked on the other night because I'm pretty proud of it...

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  1. What no pink!?! Just kidding! Everything is adorable. The dresser looks great especially with the new hardware. Love the curtain idea. Did you tie them on or sew them on? I couldn't tell. Very cute results.