Monday, December 10, 2012

Hanukkah decorations!

Well, I've been crafting up a storm, preparing for Hanukkah, which actually started on Saturday night. We were all pretty under the weather this weekend, so our decorations finally made it up today. I've seen tons of DIY yarn crafts, including candle holders and yarn balls, so this seemed like the perfect time to make these happen. I didn't put tons of thought into the fact that Hanukkah colors are blue and white, so our home is now happily Hanukkah decorated with blue balls. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, right? Despite all that, I still love our decorations and the warmth they bring to the home.
Candle display for the dining room table (in dramatic dark lighting).

Blue balls hanging from our horrendous chandelier.

Vase of blue balls...

This J took me (and Matt) half a lifetime. It was not the simple craft I had assumed it would be, but I'm delighted with it now that all is said and done!

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  1. Happy Hanukkah to you. Your decorations came out great. :)