Monday, December 10, 2012

Fingerpainting the blues away

Milo is finally on the mend, although he's still not his usual sunshiney self, and I'm still not feeling great either, so we needed something to cheer us up on a Monday morning. I remembered that I bought some finger paints weeks ago and we still hadn't used them, so we had a finger painting adventure today. Mission accomplished - we were both cheered. After all, who doesn't love making a disastrous mess?

I will admit, I haven't posted many pictures of Milo as of late, the reason being the oopsy we had with his latest haircut. It was never supposed to be this short, but situations happen, especially when cutting a toddler's hair. And the best part is, it will grow, and even though I cried about it the night it happened, this sweet boy is still the cutest little man I've ever seen.

Look at that short SHORT hair and those gigantic eyes.

Milo started out very gingerly, putting one finger at a time in the paint...

...had a little green paint make it to the head...

...and finally got adventurous and put both hands in (and all over himself and his chair) while I was running his bathwater.

I will say this - we got the Crayola washable finger paints, and I was delighted with them. They were, no joke, the easiest thing I've cleaned up in the last week and came right out of his cream-colored pajamas in the wash. Guess it was worth the extra fifty cents or so that I paid for them, right?

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