Friday, December 14, 2012


I wanted to sit down and write a lighthearted post about baking, cupcakes, and learning my limitations today. I thought it through this morning while I mixed frosting in vivid lemon and royal blue shades. And then my mother-in-law texted to tell me to hug Milo, that she was so glad we were safe, and that there had been a tragedy in Connecticut.

I couldn't have imagined the magnitude, though, until curiosity got the best of me and I opened my computer to the home news page. I should know better. And now I can't stop weeping because we live in a cruel and senseless world where broken families create broken people who do evil things like shoot elementary school students (and their own mothers) on a Friday morning.

So, yes. Instead of writing any more, I'm going to go spend some time squeezing my little man and keeping him as close to me as possible while I can.

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  1. Im so sorry if I caused you to be upset...I wouldn't have wanted that for anything but I was heart broken and I just wanted Milo to have a big hug (even though I know he gets those all the time)...I love you so so much and I would never do anything intentionally that would cause you pain.....