Monday, October 19, 2015

Little People Update

When we started school, we hit the ground RUNNING, and I feel like I've been at this marathon ever since. I haven't updated much because I've been so busy, but I have to tell you how proud I am of these little people.

Milo is doing amazingly well with school. He loves to learn, and he absorbs everything I give him. We colored, cut, and pasted a model solar system onto our wall, and he stood there and memorized the planets in order the first day. I gave him moon phases (with Oreos, by the way), and he and Lucy both learned them right away and give us updates on what phase it is every time we look at the night sky. I have been working on handwriting lower case letters and numbers with Milo, and he works until he gets it right each time. Math is a breeze because he innately possesses Nate's skills. I am getting really spoiled with my first homeschooling experience, and the only thing wearing me out about it is getting my stuff together this year as I'm just creating our curriculum (I might as well put that master's degree and teaching certification to use since we will be paying off my education until after I die.).
Look at this handsome, serious school face.
Lucy potty trained like a champ. I was expecting hard work and scores of accidents. What I got was a little lady who knew what she was doing the day we started. It's really true that if a child is ready, potty training is much easier (let this be a lesson to anyone who is trying to keep up with other people's children - it will only give you headaches). Our only hiccup with her is that we also moved her to a big girl bed, and the excitement has proven to be a little much for her every time I put her down for a nap or bedtime. Well, I say that, but after three weeks, she seems to be settling in a bit. Oh, and I was bound and determined to never use a pull-up, but poor Lucy wasn't able to go to sleep because she was so concerned about wetting her pants when she went to sleep (my sweet little overachiever) . So, she's in a pull-up at night time so that she (and the rest of us) can go to sleep, and when she gets a little older I will remind her that mistakes are proof that you're trying (oh, Lucy, I am learning the same tough lesson).

First day in undies.
So there you have it. We are alive and well, and our days are so full that sometimes I get very little else done (hello, weeks of ironing...). But as we get more into the routine, everything gets easier, so I am more thankful for a schedule all the time (words I never thought I'd say).

Happy Monday to you!

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