Monday, July 14, 2014

My wonderful and exhausting life

Oh my, friends. I am here. Some days I feel like I'm barely hanging on by a thread, but I'm here. It's been a rough go of things lately, mostly just because both of my little people are going through little stages... Milo is the smartest, most creative, most imaginative little boy I have ever seen, and he wants me to be interacting with him every second that he's awake. That would be fine, but I also have housework, cooking, dishes, oh, and another child... He's learning that it's great for us to play and read together, and it's also okay for him to do things on his own.
But could he be any more wonderful or adorable? Absolutely not. I can't believe how much this little man has changed my life and how fiercely I love him.
Milo and his gorgeous friend Eliora.

A stick, a baseball glove, and the end of a rainstorm. Pure boy entertainment.

I painted a chalk wall on our little half wall so Milo and I can work on writing letters and numbers. And whatever else...
This boy loves his bike and his swim trunks. What a pair.
Then there is my sweet Lucy. My passionate, all-or-nothing, snuggly little teething mess. Oh, this girl. When Milo teethed, it just meant less sleep (for all of us, let's be honest). For Lucy it means being up for hours at night, cranky during the day, and I just feel so incredibly bad for her. And so incredibly tired all the time... She's working on her top teeth, and it seems like they're almost through.
She's also toddling all over the place, getting into everything (Milo's room is her favorite), teasing her brother, screaming at the top of her lungs when he teases back, and loving her new baby cousin Mia. We bought her a little play kitchen for her birthday and she loves standing there and pretending to cook and sample food. It's fitting, because my petite little sunshine eats like a full-grown man. It's truly amazing, and I adore this little nugget. I mean, I grit-my-teeth passionately adore her in a way that I never could have guessed. When Lucy isn't moving, she's thinking hard about moving... Which makes it really hard to get a picture of her, but here's what we've got!
Lucy loves the chalk wall, probably because Milo loves it.

Promise you - she's thinking about getting the camera.
Lucy loves her little pool for about 3.5 seconds, and then she's ready to get out.

These blue eyes. They melt me. 
 These little people. I am so in love with them, and yet so weary by the end of every day (but just for now while I'm not really sleeping through the night). They are busy, but probably because I tend to be busy. They do everything with their whole hearts and I can't stay frustrated with them (and they're really good to begin with, so I shouldn't be very frustrated at all...). Being a mommy is amazing and exhausting, so if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go make another cup of coffee. Happy Monday!

They love each other.

These are CLEARLY pirate hats.


  1. What absolutely beautiful grandchildren I have!!!!! And oh so smart....

  2. Dear Kate, I know you don't know me probably, but I have really enjoyed reading your blog and going thru pics. Unfortunately. I didn't get to spend as much time with Nate & Joel as I did the other boys and Lashawn. As I read your blog, however, I thought of my Nate. He loved to draw and was always in thought. He was his own person. I liked that. You truly do have beautiful children and an amazing husband. And yes it is a blessed life that is ever changing. But as I'm sure you already know the rewards are priceless. Give my Nate and those babies a hug😍. LaDonna