Monday, February 17, 2014

The very best days

Okay, let me make up for my lack of posting with lots of extra pictures. Life rolls on, whether the browser is working or not, so I have quite a few pictures hanging out waiting to be seen. So many stories to tell. Now just to remember them all... And let me just mention that my sweet son, who has a knack for saying completely inappropriate things without meaning to, has really been at it...
He refers to binoculars as "knockers." As in, "Hey Mommy, I see your knockers!" Um, no. And yesterday he proudly told me, "Mommy, I like to call these crackers with cream cheese crappers." Um, no again. Got to love the sweet innocence of childhood.

Would you believe that Alex wore this once upon a time? It's still a bit large for Milo, but we had a go at it anyway. 

Double stroller = party train

Those blue eyes. What are we going to do?

Classic Milo face. Part quizzical, part eating chips.

They BOTH love to swing these days! Makes park trips fun for everyone.

Adventures with the tall slide. Milo had to re-conquer his fear of it after a huge girl clobbered him on it. I wanted to spank her myself.

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