Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jersey cap

When you are good(ish) at making things, it usually follows that you start selling said items. I'm a decent knitter, and more importantly, I love to knit, so people usually encourage me to try to sell my hats, etc. since I'm probably making them anyway.
Honest confession? I am terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad at selling my own things. I'm much better at just saying, "I like you; you like me; look, I made you [insert item]." Never mind that the cost of materials comes out of my own pocket (or really, Nate's, since he's the only one working around here...), because I'm genuinely more inspired by people than money. And it almost always happens that I create something, then show it to someone who loves it so much that I just give it to her. That's how I roll, people.
All that said, I'm selling some things at Hello Holidays November 1 and 2 because an opportunity arose for me to do so. Fingers crossed it goes well. And here's a little something I knit last week and then immediately gave to Lilypaul because it looked so adorable on her. I can't help myself.

(pattern from the Etsy shop VelvetAcorn)
Seriously so adorable. You'd have given her the hat, too.

Can you believe this little cutie is 2 now?

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