Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Talking to Yahweh

If you know anything about Nathan and me, you know that our lives are centered around what we believe and our relationships with God. I've been trying to teach this to Milo as well, so we've started talking to Yahweh all the time.

At naptime, we tell him about our day - what we've done, what's made us happy or sad...

When Milo talks about our broken dining room chairs, we ask Yahweh for new ones.

When someone hurts themself, we pray for Yahweh to heal them. I think Milo's getting the message.

We had to turn Milo's bed back toward the wall so he can't get out. After countless naptimes and bedtimes where he would get out over and over again, it was too much. He would play, turn the light on, hide behind the chair... And Nate and I would get more and more frustrated every time. It really hurt his feelings when I finally turned it, though, especially because it all went down with him in the bed during an especially frustrating naptime (his being in the bed added dramatic effect). This was weeks ago, but apparently yesterday it really got to him. As we sat down to pray at naptime, he mentioned it...

"Yahweh, please help Mommy turn my bed back around. I got out of bed, I turn the light on, I was naughty and Mommy turn it around. Please help her turn it back around now."

Good to know he pays attention, right?

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