Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A bit of everything

WOW, having two is much busier than just having one. I'm not complaining at all - just stating a delightful fact that explains why I have barely updated at all and was all over the posting when Milo was first born.

So, Sabbath Campout. One of the best ideas Nate has ever had. We pulled all the couch cushions off, dragged Milo's mattress out to the living room, and set up the best movie-watching, popcorn-eating, stay-up-late fest with Milo. Then we all actually slept in the living room together (even Lucy, per Milo's request) as a family. Milo was beyond delighted and we all had a great time. It's going to have to be a tradition at least once a month at our house.

Also, let me just remind you that when you have a two-year old, you have to be careful what you say (we all know I've supposedly learned this the hard way). But something about childbirth really loosens the tongue for a while; then add breastfeeding on top of that and I find myself saying words that I would never normally use. Words like "nipple." And guess who jumped on that right away? Oh, that's right - my Milo. In fact, once he started saying it, he couldn't stop. Then he started pointing at random things like worms in books and saying, "That a nipple. Oh, Mommy, look - a nipple. Daddy, you see this nipple?" Thank goodness it was right before bed and he seemed to sleep it off...

Finally, does anyone know how to randomly just become independently wealthy? Because I'm loving having Nate home, and I'm already feeling a little sad that he goes back to work next week. Anyway, happy birthday, Grandma! Little Lucy Jane seems to have your eye shape already, which makes me so happy. I miss you!

Is this girl posing or what?

We let Milo pick our carrots, which incidentally turned out to be mini-sized.

Like her Mommy, Lucy usually has her mouth wide open.

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