Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh be careful little ears

Oh be careful little ears what you hear...

In case you've heard enough about my little man (which couldn't be possible), let's take a little trip to my sister Sarah's house and peek in at dinner time in the Williams' home.  Picture Sarah and Bryan sitting down to eat with their two sweet girls, Lily, 3 1/2, and Kaylee, 7 months.

I imagine Sarah serving the food, asking Bryan about his day, while Kaylee sits there beaming as she always does, and Lily waits patiently for her plate.  As she waits, she tries out a new phrase.  Lily, precious precious Lily, precious precocious Lily, looks at Sarah and calmly says, "Son of a b****."

Now, I wasn't there, but I assume Sarah's reaction was much more tame than mine would have been. I can picture her saying, "Excuse me, young lady, what did you say?"

To which this innocent little angel would reply, "Son of a b****, Mommy."

Now I know for a fact what Sarah said at this point.  "Lilia Grace Ann Geiger, that is a naughty word and we do not say that!"

And here's where it gets interesting, because Lily responds, "But Mommy, Uncle Mikey says that all the time!"

Uncle Mikey happened to be at my house when he got the text telling him what happened.  And he swears up and down that he would never say such a word in front of Lily.  Tough call.  All I have to say is...

Oh be careful little ears what you hear...


  1. This is a little too accurate. That is pretty much exactly what happened. She was so upset that I told her that she had said a naughty word, because it was something that she was repeating from her beloved uncle mikey, and of course, he would not lead her astray.