Thursday, August 15, 2013


Milo has been in love with the movie Cars for a while now. And while I find it to be by far the most tolerable children's movie, we've needed a change. Let's just be honest. We watched it a lot while I was newly pregnant with Lucy and puking non-stop, so now I feel nauseated by association every time it comes on...

All this to say, we took Milo to his very first movie at the theater on Sunday, and we chose Planes since it's along the same lines. We met Chad and Tree at the theater, and even Lucy came (and slept through the entire thing - what a good girl). Milo loved the whole experience, sat through the entire movie like a big boy, and ate popcorn to his heart's content. Oh, and by the way, the movie was adorable. Don't listen to the critics (most of them are crazy), and take your kids to see it.
Yes, that's me breastfeeding Lucy in the background. Don't judge. It was dark.

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