Friday, April 15, 2011

Outdoor adventure

This right here is about all the Texas sunshine I like at one time. Note the curtain is only slightly open? That's on purpose. The amount of light that gets in through these dark panels is irritating enough...
I, in fact, feel somewhat offended by the sun, but that could be due to the second-degree burns I received the first time my skin saw a bathing suit here in Texas. As a result, I run while it's still dark in the mornings, I wear huge shades anytime I venture out, and the only time I'm active during the day is when I'm playing soccer (and I haven't for a couple years...).

But today was a pretty day, windy and in the 70's, neither of which happen very often here. And because I desperately want my baby to be a normal boy, I made the sacrifice. We headed outside for some very serious... sitting. That's right, I sat in a lawn chair with Milo on my lap. Did I put him in the grass? Absolutely not. What's a protective mommy to do in the wilderness (haha) of Texas, where fire ants and wood roaches run rampant and snakes are an everyday occurrence? Okay, I'm still working on the whole "mommy of a boy" situation, but as of now, he's just a wee babe in need of protection.

So we sat in the shade (since I need to go buy some baby sunscreen), and Milo just looked around at everything. And then he looked around again. He didn't seem to mind the wind blowing, the next door neighbor's dog barking, or the gnats that would occasionally dart around us. He just took everything in, with wide eyes and a serious face. In fact, he seemed pretty impressed with the whole outdoor sitting experience... until I started to walk back toward the house and we were out of the shade for a brief second. Then he made the most terrible face, scrunched his eyes shut, and buried his head in my shoulder. Apparently my babyson feels the same way about the sun as I do. Guess I'd better work on that?

Anyway, hope wherever you are, your weather is as gorgeous as mine.

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